Viewzi – New Ways to Search the Internet (Max Kiesler)

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Visual searches just keep getting better and better. Viewzi is a meta search engine that lets you view relational data in a fun and easy to use visual paradigm. Currently, there are fourteen ways to view a search term including, mp3, video, 3d photo, basic photo, web screenshots and the list goes on. You can scale the results with an interactive slider and they also provide related results in the sidebar. Overall, I find Viewzi a compelling and engaging way to search.

Visit the Viewzi Website

Web Screenshot View

The Web Screenshot view allows users to view screenshots of the pages of search results returned by Yahoo only. Up to 20 results are loaded at a time for maximum performance. However, once you get to the end of the set, 20 more are immediately loaded.

Basic Photo View

If you’re a fan of Flickr, the Basic Photo view is perfect for you. This view shows images from popular image sharing sites Flickr and Riya. While the default setting is to use both sites and display the search results in a small size, users have the option of enlarging the search results and also removing images from either Flickr or Riya.

Video x3 View

If you’re looking for video results, Viewzi allows you to view results from Youtube, Blinkx, and Veoh. Tags from videos are listed nicely above the video results Clicking on a tag allows users to dim videos they don’t wish to be included in the search results.

Simple Text View

The Simple Text view provides combined search results from Google and Yahoo search engines in typical search engine fashion, but with a small twist. For one, a small screenshot is provided to the left of each result. To enlarge the screenshot, simple hover your mouse over the image for a better view. Another feature that’s displayed is the site’s ranking.

4 Source View

Get visual search results from all 4 of the top search engines with the 4 Source view. You can view up to 15 search results from Google, Yahoo,, and MSN in a 5 x 3 area. Results are color coded and lettered with its corresponding search engine. Hovering over any of the provided screenshots gives users an enlarged image and a brief synopsis of the source.

Other great views include Amazon Book view, Everyday Shopping view, The Weather view, Celebrity Photo view, and a MP3 Search view.

Visual Searching In Style

With the variety of views at users disposal, there is something for everyone here. While we wouldn’t crown it the next “Google” , it could provide a better user experience for casual web searching. What could make Viewzi even better is an optional way for users to create their own “4 Sources” view by providing a way to search their favorite news sources in style. All in all, Viewzi seems to be a solid visual search engine.


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