New episode from Basic Introduction to AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)

18 September, 2008 at 11:58 Leave a comment logoI want to post the Episode 106 about AOP programming and two nice presentations from

AOP importance is increasing in the past few years, Spring are using it in a widely manner and also OSGi have announced few month ago your Aspect bundle for weaving at run-time (Equinox Aspect). So AOP have a grait impact on present programming and I think that it will have also with future programming.

This episode is a systematic introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming (in contrast to the interview with Gregor Kiczales). We discuss the fundamentals of AOP, define many of the relevant terms and also look at how and where AOP is used in practice, as well as at some current research trends.




Christa Schwanninger,
Iris Groher

Follow I have posted from two good presentations to AOP.

Aspect-Oriented Programming and Depedency Injection

Aspect Oriented Software Development

Have fun!



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