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Zend Framework – ZF: Concepts, Methods and Examples

ZF LogoZend Framework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the New BSD License. Zend Framework—often referred to as ZF—is developed with the goal of simplifying web development while promoting best practices in the PHP developer community.
ZF’s use-at-will architecture allows developers to reuse components when and where they make sense in their applications without requiring other ZF components beyond minimal dependencies. There is therefore no single development paradigm or pattern that all Zend Framework users must follow, although ZF does provide components for the MVC and Table Gateway design patterns which are used in most ZF applications. Zend Framework provides individual components for many other common requirements in web application development, including authentication and authorization via access control lists (ACL), application configuration, data caching, filtering/validation of user-provided data for security and data integrity, internationalization, interfaces to AJAX functionality, email composition/delivery, Lucene-format search indexing and querying, and all Google Data APIs along with many other popular web services. Because of their loosely coupled design, ZF components can be used relatively easy alongside components from other PHP web application frameworks.

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Google Web Toolkit (GWT) – Create Ajax applications in Java: Examples and Concepts

GWT imageGoogle Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source Java software development framework that allows web developers to create Ajax applications in Java. It is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.

GWT emphasizes reusable, efficient solutions to recurring Ajax challenges, namely asynchronous remote procedure calls, history management, bookmarking, and cross-browser portability.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source Java development framework that lets you escape the matrix of technologies that make writing AJAX applications so difficult and error prone. With GWT, you can develop and debug AJAX applications in the Java language using the Java development tools of your choice. When you deploy your application to production, the GWT compiler translates your Java application to browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML.

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jQuery: JavaScript library

JqueryjQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. It was released January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig.

Dual licensed under the MIT License and the GNU General Public License, jQuery is free and open source software.

“You start with 10 lines of jQuery that would have been 20 lines of tedious DOM JavaScript. By the time you are done it’s down to two or three lines and it couldn’t get any shorter unless it read your mind.” – Dave Methvin

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RIA – Rich Internet Applications (Marc Domenig)

Rich Internet Applications, or RIA, are web-based applications that approach the speed and elegance of local applications. The term “Rich Internet Application” was introduced in a Macromedia white paper in March 2002.

In traditional web applications, all activity used to be centered on client-server architecture with a thin client. Under this system all processing used to be done on the server. The client was used only to display static content. This proved to be a very slow and tedious process as it required all the interactions to pass through the server. With RIA, a client side technology can be made use of which is capable of executing the instructions on the client’s computer. The biggest advantage of RIA is that it can circumvent the slow and synchronous loop for multiple user interactions.

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Prototype JavaScript Framework

Prototype JavaScript Framework is a JavaScript framework created by Sam Stephenson which provides an Ajax framework and other utilities. It is implemented as a single file of JavaScript code, usually named prototype.js. Prototype is distributed standalone, but also as part of larger projects, e.g. Ruby on Rails, and Rico.

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