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New episode from Basic Introduction to AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) logoI want to post the Episode 106 about AOP programming and two nice presentations from

AOP importance is increasing in the past few years, Spring are using it in a widely manner and also OSGi have announced few month ago your Aspect bundle for weaving at run-time (Equinox Aspect). So AOP have a grait impact on present programming and I think that it will have also with future programming.


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OSGi and AspectJ into Equinox Aspects

equinox-aspects-In software engineering, the programming paradigms of aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) attempt to aid programmers in the separation of concerns, specifically cross-cutting concerns, as an advance in modularization. AOP does so using primarily language changes, while AOSD uses a combination of language, environment, and method.

Separation of concerns entails breaking down a program into distinct parts that overlap in functionality as little as possible. All programming methodologies—including procedural programming and object-oriented programming—support some separation and encapsulation of concerns (or any area of interest or focus) into single entities. For example, procedures, packages, classes, and methods all help programmers encapsulate concerns into single entities. But some concerns defy these forms of encapsulation. Software engineers call these crosscutting concerns, because they “cut” across multiple modules in a program.

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