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iPOJO library: Declarative Services alternative

IPOJO logoiPOJO aims to simplify service-oriented programming on OSGi frameworks; the name iPOJO is an abbreviation for injected POJO. iPOJO provides a new way to develop OSGi service components with the main goal being to simplify service component implementation by transparently managing the dynamics of the environment as well as other non-functional requirements. The iPOJO framework allows developers to more clearly separate functional code (i.e., the POJO) from the non-functional code (i.e., dependecy management, service provision, configuration, etc.). iPOJO combines the functional and non-functional aspects at run time. To achieve this, iPOJO provides a simple and extensible service component model based on POJOs.

iPOJO strength points are :

  • components are developed as POJO
  • the component model is extensible, you can easily add non-functional properties
  • the standard component model manages service providing, service dependencies, dynamic reconfiguration …
  • iPOJO manage the component lifecycle and the environment dynamics

A component is implemented in Java in a “POJO” class. This class does not have any links on OSGi. All requirements, as service dependencies, will be injected at runtime when needed.

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